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Children's Miracle
Network Hospitals


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Every year, more than 14 million children nationwide are afflicted with diseases, injuries and birth defects of every kind. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, an affiliate of Children’s Hospital Foundation, is an international non-profit organization dedicated to helping these children by raising funds and awareness for 170 children's medical groups throughout North America. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals has grown dramatically since its founding in 1983, when our first televised fundraiser aired from a small private studio and raised $5.5 million nationwide. Yet its founding pledge to put children first in all it does and keep 100% of donations in the community where they were raised remains at the core of its philosophy.

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Check out our Teen Board for youth ages 13-19. 

In just 30 years, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals has evolved into the dominant organization actively providing better health care for millions of children. In Oklahoma, Children’s Hospital Foundation organizes and executes thousands of special events and promotions each year through its dedicated corporate sponsors and media partners.

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The tremendous year-round effort is helping to save and improve the lives of critically-ill newborns and children with cancer, kidney disease, blood disorders, cystic fibrosis... to name a few.  Locally, our Children's Miracle Network Hospitals program raises more than $2 million for Oklahoma's children each year. 

Board Members

Teresa Carter
Barbara Ann DeBolt
Bob Edwards
Randy Kamp
Rachel Klein

Chay Kramer
Steve Hartley
Nick Hilton
Vickie Munsey
Clint Parker

Brent Patterson
Kenneth Reinbold
Shelly Sanderson
Vic Thate
Betty Thompson
Al Warren