Jimmy Everest Center Kids With Courage

Meet the children and teens who inspire us to do more to defeat childhood cancer once and for all!



Like most two-year- olds, Allistair can give his mom and almost anyone else a run for their money… even when he is receiving chemotherapy! With the help of the Jimmy Everest Center, Allistair is battling a rare form of brain cancer and winning. He is now nearly cancer-free. Learn more about his story in this videoLook for Allistair’s story on KFOR Newschannel Four. And help support all of the courageous kids at the JEC by making a donation to Friends of the Jimmy Everest Center… every dollar raised goes to support research and care aimed at curing childhood cancer in Oklahoma children!
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If cancer could be killed by the brilliance of a smile, then Buddy would have championed it instantly! This young man lights up the room just by walking in. It took a cutting-edge transplant and the team of experts at the Jimmy Everest Center to help Buddy show Cancer it had met its match in him!
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Praying for a cure! Meet Ashlyn, the daughter of an Oklahoma pastor, one of ten children, and a patient at the Jimmy Everest Center. Ashlyn is battling Wilm's Tumor, a rare childhood cancer of the kidneys, but with the help of the team at the Jimmy Everest Center, the prayers of many and the heart of a champion, it’s a battle Ashlyn plans to win. Learn more about her story in this video.
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Lightning does strike twice! Just ask the family of this amazing little boy. Jace, a Jimmy Everest Center patient, was diagnosed with the same extremely rare cancer that claimed his big brother’s life. But Jace is a fighter and with the help of the doctors and staff at JEC, he is beating cancer and bringing smiles to the faces of all who meet him. Learn more about Jase and his fight in this video. Jace was also featured in this KFOR Kids with Courage segment: http://kfor.com/2016/05/16/kids-with- courage-two- brothers-battle-same-rare- form-of- childhood-cancer/
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Karston was born with a condition so rare that it affects only one or two infants in a million.  It happens when the body makes too many of a specific type of white blood cell that normally fights infection. With the help of the team at the Jimmy Everest and a cutting-edge treatment, Karston has a chance to now be cuddled and loved without the pain he’d experienced since birth.
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Ankle pain, fever and extreme exhaustion turned out to be more than just growing pains for this little girl. Neveah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a childhood cancer of the blood. She was a very sick little girl when she first arrived at the Jimmy Everest Center, but with the help of the Center’s team of specialists, she is fighting back and beating cancer!
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