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The team of endocrinologists provides outstanding care across the state of Oklahoma and surrounding regions to children and adolescents having any sort of endocrinologic disorder, including diabetes. They pride themselves in their commitment to respond to the rising demands of this field, particularly the recent epidemics of obesity and diabetes. This commitment includes a focus not only on meeting the clinical needs of the patients, families and referring physicians, but also a commitment to finding cures and better treatments through research into the problems responsible.

The team provides care for children and families of children with endocrinologic disorders, including:

  • - Thyroid
  • - Adrenal
  • - Pituitary
  • - Growth
  • - Gonad
  • - Metabolism
  • - Disorders of sexual development

The diabetes team focuses on the education and care of children with diabetes, including:

  • - Type 1
  • - Type 2
  • - Cystic Fibrosis-related
  • - Genetic or secondary diabetes

The section added a new component to clinical services this past year, the Behavioral Health Program, which provides a variety of integrated psychological services to pediatrics patients.

If your child has diabetes, you know it takes full-time attention. The Children's Diabetes Center includes Oklahoma's largest group of children's endocrinologists. The American Diabetes Association recognizes this center with its award for our outstanding diabetes self-management program.

The Children's Hospital Foundation Diabetes Program is in partnership with the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center.

For more information please visit Children's Diabetes-Endocrinology at OU Medicine. 

Diabetes Doctors

Dr. Jeanie B. 
Tryggestad, M.D.

Ruth and Paul Jonas Chair
Caring for children with diabetes

Steven D.
Chernausek, M.D.

Edith Kinney Gaylord Chair
Caring for children with diabetes

David Fields, Ph.D.

Chickasaw Nation Endowed Chair
Pediatric Diabetes
Caring for children with diabetes

Kevin Short, Ph.D.

Choctaw Nation Endowed Chair
Pediatric Diabetes
Caring for children with diabetes