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These nephrologists are the only board-certified pediatric nephrologists in Oklahoma. They perform Oklahoma's only children's kidney transplants and staff the only children's hemodialysis and outpatient peritoneal dialysis unit in the state. This team provides dialysis to children and adolescents up to age 21 who have acute renal failure, end-stage renal disease or acute poisoning.

The pediatric nephrologic expertise available at OU Children's Physicians rivals that at any top health center in the nation. They work closely with other specialists, such as pediatric cardiologists, pediatric rheumatologists and pediatric endocrinologists. These other specialists have pediatric-specific training and daily experience evaluating and treating children.

Children also will benefit from access to the nurse educator, who helps you and your child manage medications and make beneficial lifestyle changes. The nurse can also help coordinate care when a child's condition becomes a concern. Your child will also benefit from eating plans designed by our dietician to prevent kidney stones and control salt and potassium intake. Best of all, children will be will be treated close to home with all the resources needed to care for any pediatric renal condition.

For more information please visit Children's Nephrology at OU Medicine.  

Kidneys Doctors

Martin A.
Turman, M.D., Ph.D.

Paul and Ann Milburn Chair
Caring for children’s kidneys