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Patient Family

Patient Family Dinners

Looking for an opportunity to have a positive impact on Oklahoma’s children? Be a sponsor for our monthly Patient Family Dinners! Individuals, families, schools and corporations are welcome to underwrite a dinner for $1500. You can underwrite one dinner or a series of dinners.

These catered dinners are for inpatient children and their families who are currently in or visiting the hospital. This is a time where children and their families can get away, enjoy a free catered dinner, interact with other patients and meet new people. This also provides an opportunity for us to raise awareness in the community about Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital Foundation.

Thanks to our 2013 sponsor, Presbyterian Health Foundation, and our 2014 sponsor, Ronald McDonald Charities Inc., we were able to serve dinners to more than 1,000 patients and their families. Ronald McDonald Charities, Inc. will continue their support of the Patient Family Dinners in 2015 and Cox Connects Foundation will also sponsor dinners in 2015.

If you're interested in sponsoring a Patient Family Dinner please contact
our Special Projects Coordinator, Margaret Reynolds at or 405-271-2260, ext. 36554.