Ashtyn Kendall Bloese was born in June 2011. When she was 18 months old, she was barely talking. Her concerned parents had her evaluated by a speech therapist who determined Ashtyn was at risk for Autism. Ashtyn began receiving speech therapy through SoonerStart and after a few weeks, Ashtyn’s speech improved and her vocabulary grew! She was later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and was enrolled in an Autism treatment study with Dr. Bonnie McBride through the Oklahoma Autism Center and Early Foundations. With the help she received there, Ashtyn made tremendous improvements in speaking, making eye contact, responding to her name and adapting to new people and situations. Today, Ashtyn is a happy, loving, playful four-year-old who is enrolled in a mainstream Pre-K classroom. Her parents will forever be grateful to Children’s Hospital Foundation, Dr. McBride and the staff at Early Foundations for their help.